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Your bathroom upgrade some might call “aging in place.” We just call it comfortable!

Everyday we meet customers who want to update their baths into a spa-like retreat but they need these upgrades to include features that provide convenience and functionality. Fortunately, with so many options now, homeowners can have it all. The luxurious design of Jason’s Zero Threshold shower base with built-in seat is a great example. It provides a modern and convenient showering solution as it allows for “aging in place” gracefully.For your lavatory faucets, Delta’s Touchless is stylish and remains beautifully clean and easy to use with the hands-free control of Touch2O technology. Finally, a hand-shower kit with a slide bar provides for multi-function practicality, from washing hair to washing the dog to washing the shower itself! Family members of all ages will appreciate the many functions of this addition to the shower. … Read entire article »

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Hansgrohe showers

Deluxe Shower Pleasure Hansgrohe showering pleasure is created by: Beauty and design Technological perfection and innovation Size and comfort Environmentally friendly and consious Rediscover water A shower is: a quick refreashing boost, a relaxing massage, a cleaning ritual, a long-awaited time-out or a tropical holiday under the rain shower. Showering is a sensual experience that cleanses the body and soul. Thousands of water droplets caress your skin from head to toe. Everyday life disappears behind a veil of water, your body relaxes and your energy reserves are replenished. Find the perfect shower for you. Hansgrohe showers fulfill your showering dreams. … Read entire article »

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New shower???

  You spend hours on line looking at the newest home ideas. You want to have a rainshower in you shower at home, but dont want to have to replace your tile. Now that is a easy fix. Take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary—without remodeling. With HydroRail shower columns, you can transform a standard, single-outlet shower into an unforgettable KOHLER showering experience without altering, or even having to access, your in-wall plumbing. Available for both bath/shower and shower-only installations, HydroRail gives you the option of a handshower-only configuration or converting your single-outlet shower into a two-outlet custom shower with a showerhead or rainhead and a handshower.     … Read entire article »

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Kohler Iron Plains

Iron Plains™ With its gently curved, organic shape, the Iron Plains sink combines distinctive style with the extreme durability, strength, and vintage soul of KOHLER enameled cast iron. This above-counter sink features a dual-color design that lets you choose your own combination of top enamel color and underside paint color for the perfect look.   Come see whats new in our showroom!! … Read entire article »

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