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GRAND OPENING for Hughes Supply in West Palm Beach!

Hughes Supply is excited to announce that we are opening a new location in West Palm Beach, Florida! Please join us for our Grand Opening celebration on Friday, February 3, from 10 am until 2 pm. We will be serving lunch and also giving away prizes. A number of suppliers will be on hand with product demonstrations, and members of our credit team will be there to help you with accounts. Our newest facility is located at: 1711 Upland Road West Palm Beach, FL 33409 561-684-7487 We are happy to expand our services in the Florida market and look forward to seeing you on February 3!   … Read entire article »

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Hughes Supply Featured in Florida Plumbing Perspective!

In its November issue, Florida Plumbing Perspective has chosen to showcase the return of Hughes Supply for its feature article. In addition to discussing some of the Hughes Supply history and its current decentralized business model, the article also shares thoughts from several of Hughes Supply’s profit center managers in the state of Florida. Florida Plumbing Perspective reaches 10,500 readers statewide, including contractors, engineers, inspectors, wholesalers,  manufacturers, and state regulatory officials. We at Hughes Supply would like to thank the publication for featuring us prominently in this issue. Click here to learn more about Florida Plumbing Perspective and sign up for a subscription today to read to full article! … Read entire article »

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New Quick and EASY Payment Options Available

To allow for faster and easier payments, we are now accepting credit cards or EFT from your Checking Account. Simply log in at … Read entire article »

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Water Conservation, Its Challenges and Solutions

To celebrate Earth Day 2011, Professor Toilet, American Standard’s online Flushologist, videotaped an interview with Brian Richter, Director of the Global Freshwater Program at the Nature Conservancy, a leading conservation organization. American Standard divided the interview into five clips and posted them for easy access. In the first two clips, Brian talks about the urgency of water conservation, and the challenges we face as the population increases while ground water levels decrease. In the next three clips, Brian and the Professor discuss national rates of water usage, and suggest how to save water without sacrificing performance or style. And when it comes to replacing toilets, faucets and showerheads, they both agree that the most modern, water-saving products are easy to install. So, no excuses! Learn more here. … Read entire article »

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Our Goal – 18 Billion Gallons of Water

Did you know that… Our bodies are 70% water, just like the surface of the Earth? ONE leaky faucet can waste 200 gallons a day? Water efficient products save money, water and energy? Water is a precious resource – one we cannot live without.   The droughts and yearly shortages of rainfall are warnings that our water supply is in jeopardy! We have to do our part to conserve this precious resource. The Water Conservation Tour helps the environment save water with every sale of faucets and fixtures. By replacing or installing water efficient products, the planet’s resources are a little safer. By turning off the faucet while we brush our teeth or running the dishwasher only when it’s full, we can do our part. We can also insist that our kitchen and bath faucets and … Read entire article »

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Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour – On Its Way!

HD Supply Plumbing and American Standard Brands, the manufacturer of products with style that works better, are committed to helping you find solutions to our current water crisis. We all care about saving water; American Standard offers you innovative solutions to do just that, available right in  your local HD Supply Plumbing branch. The formula is simple: the less water we use now, the more water we have for the future.  And Bathrooms account for 75% of indoor water use, so it is important we learn how to save water in our bathrooms! Dripping, leaky faucets, 3.5 gpm or higher toilets with large tanks, and running toilets can waste HUNDREDS of gallons of water a day. When you retrofit an existing showerhead, toilet and faucet with our water-saving versions you can save … Read entire article »

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Loews Hotels: The Champion of Hotel Toilets

As the high end Loews Hotel chain knows, there is nothing luxurious about blocked or overflowing toilets. Yet overflows have been a big problem for Loews and other hotel chains since conservation-minded building codes began requiring toilets to use less water per flush. Loews Solution – the Champion 4 toilet from American Standard. The top-rated flusher has already has already been so successful that it made headlines in both USA Today and The Economist. As they report, the Champion 4 is such a powerhouse that it has reduced the number of guest calls about blockages by an astonishing 80%! To get the same great results in your customers’ homes, check out the many style options with the Champion 4 flushing platform. … Read entire article »

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Save Water On Your Pre-Holiday Fix Ups

Provide your customers with the best of the best this holiday season! Upgrade to WaterSense® -certified fixtures. Last fall, American Standard provided these low-flow, water efficient toilets, faucets, and showerheads to 21 households near Atlanta, Georgia. Participating households experienced an average reduction of 27 percent in total water use, without any noticeable differences in water pressure or performance. In fact, user satisfaction was higher than 99%; not one family requested to go back to their old water guzzlers. Studies also show if one in every 10 American homes upgraded their bathroom to WaterSense®-certified fixtures, the U.S. EPA estimates a savings of 74 billion gallons of water and about $1.5 billion nationwide per year. The proof is in the numbers, using these toilets, showerheads and faucets save your customers money. Ensure customer satisfaction, … Read entire article »

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