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New Quick and EASY Payment Options Available

To allow for faster and easier payments, we are now accepting credit cards or EFT from your Checking Account. Simply log in at … Read entire article »

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New $450 rebate from Xcel Energy with purchase of Water Heater

  When you purchase water heaters from HD Supply, your customers can receive up to a $450 rebate! That’s right, utility supplier Xcel Energy is offering rebates to its natural gas or electric residential customers throughout the state of Colorado. This program is only applicable for the purchase and installation of new standard, tankless and electric heat water heaters for installation in new or replacement applications where natural gas or electric is supplied by Xcel Energy at Xcel Energy retail rebates. Rebates range from twenty five to 450 dollars. The offer will last until December 31, 2011. So keep HD Supply in mind when purchasing your next water heaters. We carry top water heaters that are eligible for substantial rebates, for the entire year of 2011! For complete details and the residential rebate application, please click here. … Read entire article »

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New Technology That Can Save Your Customers Money!

The KOHLER Wellworth toilet family, with Class Five® flushing technology, now offers a model that will flush just 1.28 gallons. This water-conserving toilet can save a family of four 16,500 gallons of water and is certified to carry EPA’s WaterSense label for using at least 20 percent less water than standard 1.6-gallon toilets while still meeting strict flushing performance guidelines. Users can also specify standard 1.6-gallon Wellworth models.     Enlarge photo Download photo   Contributing to the toilet’s power and virtually plug-free performance is a combination of a precision-designed water delivery system and durable canister flush valve that maximize the efficient flow of water to harness the natural force of gravity. This is achieved by the canister valve’s opening, originating at 3-1/4 inches and tapering down to 2 inches to create additional pressure and a … Read entire article »

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