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Uponor Solutions: Residential Plumbing… Now in stock !!!!

Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing Systems

Since its introduction to the North American market more than 40 years ago, crosslinked polyethylene, or PEX, has continually gained ground on rigid copper and CPVC systems due to its superior flexibility, durability and stable cost characteristics.

Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing Systems, featuring the durable ProPEX® expansion fitting system, is the first choice for installers, homebuilders and homeowners looking for a product that will provide consistent reliability and performance

This video animation focuses on the methodology that is Uponor Logic for installing PEX Plumbing, including a side-by-side comparison to more traditional installation methods. Utilizing Uponor’s ProPEX connection system, and their Engineered Polymer fittings, is sure to drastically reduce your installation time for any commercial plumbing or PEX plumbing system.

Why Should I Install an Uponor PEX Plumbing System?

Professionals have been installing PEX plumbing, radiant floor heating and multipurpose fire sprinkler systems from Uponor in homes around the globe for more than 40 years. Uponor is the proven brand professionals trust to provide long-lasting quality and performance.

And Uponor proudly supports the trade industry. Only trained, professional contractors can install our products to ensure a consistent, reliable system that will last the life of the home. So you can feel confident knowing your reputation will continue to grow with your customers when you install a system that is designed to last.

Why Uponor AquaPEX Plumbing Systems?

Superior flexibility for fewer connections and fewer potential leak points
Resists corrosion, pitting and scaling
No scrap value
Approved for continuous hot-water recirculation

PEX Tubing Plumbing Design Services Overview

Lean on Uponor’s Plumbing Technical and Design Services team for professional calculations, layouts, and expertise when you have a residential plumbing, or commercial plumbing project you need done right. Let Uponor’s PEX-a tubing and ProPEX fitting system save you time and labor cost on your next plumbing project.


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