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What is your kitchen style?

The family gathering place, the heart of every home, food is shared,  cooking is taught , and memories are made in your Kitchen. Every Holiday party, Sunday Family dinner, Saturday date night, or just a quite Tuesday meal they all start in your kitchen.

Some are rustic, while others are modern. Some are very large and spacious others are small and cozy.  We have styles and ideas for what ever direction you want to go.

All of the latest styles and newest ideas from the leading manufactures and designers From the new touch-less faucets, to the sink that is a chefs dream. Sinks, Faucets, Water systems, Hot water dispensers, Disposals and Garbage chutes, and to a clever way to keep the clutter from your sink. What ever your dream is we can help you create it!

Your Fort Myers Hughes Kitchen and Bath is just waiting for you to come in with your ideas and let us bring them to life!!!



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